Dissatisfaction led me to one of my greatest passions. 

Amongst a sea of mass produced, overpriced and sometimes down right hideous accessorizing options, I took it upon myself to create what I had in mind but couldn't find anywhere. Friends started asking me where I got my jewelry so I told them I made it and the requests slowly and organically started rolling in.  

My heart is in customization. Creating for people, exactly what they want. The freedom to make choices in design, to tailor precisely to their desired details, attaching meaning to a piece, rather than comprising on mundane, predetermined, limited options.    

This craft fulfills both my left side mathematical/engineering brain and right side creative/design brain and its this expression that I have found to be a vital need in my life.  


I need to create as often as I need to sleep. My passion for creativity is equally as strong as my passion in helping people feel good. Creating custom, quality, handmade jewelry brings these two elements together to feed my soul. I want people wearing my jewelry to feel beautiful, unique, get compliments and feel like the badass they are!!!

That's me       Tiffany.  

"Tiffany" is already in use for jewelry branding (*eye roll*)    

So I used my first initial and my middle name, Leah, pronounced "Lee" 

It's confusing, I know, take it up with my parents, purchase a piece of jewelry and I'll send you their #. 

Those are my hands. 

Doing work. 

in the